Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Break time (for at least a few hours)

Hi Bloggies!  
I'm up early for body pump, and it's looking to be an amazing, exam-free day! 
Evidence exam was on Monday, so it's finally time to take down this beauty - 

 the Federal Rules of Evidence in flowchart format.  Todd graciously allowed me to decorate our house with it the entire semester =D

Agenda for the day:
- Body pump at the gym & cardio
- Fill out paperwork and get fingerprinted for internship next semester
- 2 writing assignments
- Dance practice tonight - sounds like we'll be swing dancing for a church performance next week...

Have a wonderful day, all!

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  1. Any chance you could email me that map as an attachment? I have Evidence tomorrow and that map looks like the holy grail. :) -Kate

  2. I'm sorry! I don't have the pic anymore. Good luck, though! Don't forget - is it relevant? is it reliable? is it right?