Monday, July 23, 2012

ZWOWs 23 & 20 + Recent Eats

Yesterday's workout was ZWOW 23, a.k.a Burpee Torture.  Take a look:

That's right - 1-0-0 burpees!  Taking a hint from Zuzanna, I split the 2 sets of 50 into 5 sets of 10 burpees (and 2 sets of 50 for the air squats).
I also did an easy 45 minutes on the stationary bike (mostly to listen to Radio Lab...).

Some recent eats:

My new favorite flavor yogurt + chia seeds (a good source of healthy fats)

Not pictured... 1 Hershey's chocolate piece snagged from a supevsor's office + dinner = TJ's whole wheat tortilla with turkey, spinach and dijon + 2 hanfuls of green grapes.  Thankfully, also not pictured are the Mrs. Field's cookies and chocolate covered almonds someone brought to the office - I managed to avoid those temptations entirely, and I know I feel better for it!

Cups of water today = 6 , tryin' fo' 6 mo'

Just finished up ZWOW 20 (short and sweet compared to yesterday's!) and now I'm up and off to get in some more cardio the most funnest way I know...