Sunday, June 26, 2011

Series: Law School and Weight Gain, Part 2

Since the last time I wrote about this topic, I've lost 3 pounds, so I'm down to 105.

I know it doesn't sound like much but for someone my size, it makes a big difference to me. I want to lose about 5 more pounds.

As for actually losing weight, here's what's worked for me so far (and when I lost my weight initially between 2007-2010):

  • Sitting down at table and eating a legit dinner (i.e. a drink, all the proper utensils, place-mats, etc.). Crazy, right? But when we sit at a table, I see exactly how much I'm eating, which means I eat less and more gracefully and intentionally. When we eat out of bowls on the sofa, I lose track of what I'm eating and I eat faster, which makes it harder to tell whether or not I really want seconds. 
  • Not eating slices of bread as a snack! Duhhh! 
  • Having fresh fruit on hand, especially my fave summer fruits, like peaches, green grapes, and nectarines. 
  • Going to bed a little hungry. Unless I've really gone crazy with food during the day, I won't gain weight if I'm just a little hungry when I go to bed. 
  • Lifting weights regularly 
  • Knowing that it's OK to be hungry sometimes, i.e. not snacking right before dinner. It really helps to have super quick meals on hand, like this chili,- takes even less time to make than brown basmati rice and beans! If I know it will it take me a while to make dinner, I'm way more inclined to snack. 
I want to use the rest of the summer to get comfortable with the bullet points above, since I haven't really practiced these habits much since Todd and I have been married/since I've been in law school.

I'm also going to experiment with avoiding bread, chips, and white floury things and see if that does anything...

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