Saturday, September 24, 2011

Picnic in the Park

Todd and I went on a picnic in the park date yesterday!  We've been especially meaning to go on a picnic since we received some cool picnic gear forour wedding...

We hit up Trader Joe's for some snacks, including red wine salami, Gruyere, crackers, edamame, and apples.  Since we went hungry, we ended up with way more food than we needed ... I hope no one minds if I bring crunchy veggie sticks to the law library ;)

There was also some beer, per usual.  Ranger IPA for him and Fat Tire for her.


After eating, Todd and I strolled around for a bit then saw The Debt. I loved, loved, loved that movie.  It's suspenseful and a great story!  Admittedly, my eyes were covered for certain portions :)  

What was really scary, though, was the preview for Dream House.  I flipped out big time, like  I'm pretty sure people turned in my direction.  Still, l want to see it!? 

Todd and I are off to get in a leg workout and some cardio at the gym before dinner with Adam and Erica at the new Acaica for Arizona Restaurant Week.

Oh and check out my blingin' new hair accessory.  I got it Claire's!  Definitely forgot about that place when I turned 13 - thanks Cat for reminding me about it ;)

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