Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beginning Lindy-hop Series in June!

Todd and I are teaching a beginner lindy-hop series in June, and we're pumped!!

Lindy-hop is the original 1930s swing dance.  True to its Harlem roots, you can’t find lindy-hop classes in ballrooms today.  As a dance, lindy-hop emphasizes connecting with your partner, dancing to the music, and having a lot of fun.   While lindy-hop is a dance, it’s also a vibrant and welcoming community.

This series will cover everything you need to dance lindy-hop at the numerous monthly dances in Tucson.  In the first week, you’ll be listening to music and dancing from the moment class starts.  In the following weeks, we’ll build your basics with other lindy-hop fundamentals, including the swing-out and basic Charleston.  Overall, this class will emphasize swing dance basics, rhythm, and the lindy-hop spirit.

Absolutely no partner or experience necessary.  We strongly recommend wearing comfortable shoes, you may even break a sweat!

Brass Tacks
When - Sundays, June 5th - July 3rd; 7pm-8pm
Where - Arizona Ballet Theatre, 2512 E. 6th St. (across from Rincon Market)
Cost - $40/person for 5-week series

Email to sign up!

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