Sunday, July 17, 2011

1st Anniversary Weekend

It's our first anniversary this weekend!  I can't believe how quickly this year went by!  I feel like I just met Todd and I'm still his girlfriend ... but I think that's a good thing!

To celebrate our anniversary, we spent the night at the Omni resort in Tucson.  

I loved our room!

Todd found something!


Todd, sitting pretty...

We spent most of the day poolside with lots of drinks!  It's crazy, but even the hot tub felt amazing in the heat!  I started reading Andrew Weil's Healthy Aging, although I'm not sure how much I picked up between the sun and the mango margarita ;) 

JAX KITCHEN!!!!  My new favorite restaurant?  

My meal = divers scallops, eggplant and corn risotto, arugla salad on top

Todd's meal = hunky piece of sea bass

Guest services brought us champagne and strawberries after they heard it was our anniversary!

It's been a great weekend so far!  Looking forward to celebrating the rest of the day with my kind, bright, and hunky husband!

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