Saturday, July 30, 2011

Say Yah to Da UP, Eh! (or, Our Trip to Michigan)

Hello, my pretties, I've missed you silly!

Todd and I have been in lovely Michigan for the last week.

Our trip started off with the Kiss Me in Ann Arbor Lindy Exchange.  Todd thought I wouldn't take pictures of anything besides food ...


The Grange

Until ...

It's the Royal Garden Trio, a gypsy jazz band out of Ann Arbor.  This band is amazing, the best I've heard at a lindy hop event.  Their music was perfect for the Sunday afternoon dance in Fuller park.  You'd never know from the picture, but the guest singer was out of this world.  His voice sounded like he was right out of the 20s, and he really played up the part with his outfit, cigarettes, and hairdo.

The Ann Arbor exchange did not bring out as many good dancers as other events, so I would not go to Michigan specifically for the exchange.  However, we still enjoyed meeting the organizers, exploring the city, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have some really fun dances.

After Ann Arbor, we headed North to Gladwin (Todd's hometown), where we met up with his family en route to camping in da UP (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)!  

We camped in Germfask, which was great because we got to spend a lot of time with family and it's beautiful up there.  We also did some kayakin', boatin', and a whole lotta eatin' (my favorite was probably hobo packs - 4H beef + onions + carrots + red potatoes + canned mushrooms mixed up + a bazillion shakes of montreal steak seasoning wrapped in foil and cooked on a spit over the campfire).   

I'm pretty sure Todd took this picture of me as I discovered the cheez-its!  You can tell I'm interested!
We also went to Oswald's Bear Ranch (love!) and Tahquamenon Falls.  Todd also managed to fit in a pastie along the way.

And we met to Mackniac Island on the way back!

Then, we hit up Gladwin again for a taste of country livin at Stone Cottage Gardens and the Buckeye Farm Market.

I think I want to move out to the country and raise chickens and grow vegetables and wear cute hats.  Or open a bakery in the country.  Or open a really good risotto place in the country (no idea from whence that idea came).  Or move to the country and become a judge.  I believe I've gone a little nuts after seeing Gladwin in the summer...

And finally, we met up with Dave J - one of our absolute favorite people -  for pizza en route to the Detroit airport.

Now, back home, I'm totally exhausted but happy after having such a good time.  It's going to be an easy night in with Omish blue corn popcorn we picked up in Gladwin :)


  1. I love the Royal Garden Trio! My cousin's cousin's uncle (or somebody) plays with them! Can't wait to see you guys.