Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blackett's and Blue Cornmeal

It's been unseasonably cool this weekend, so yesterday Mr. Food for Todd and I woke up super early to hike Blackett's Ridge, a beautiful moderate-intensity trail well-known among Tucson hikers. 

We hiked it in just over 2 hours, which made me feel strong but also reminded me how amazing our bodies are!  Plus, major bonus points for not seeing any rattlers!  

Blackett's is my current favorite trail - I've been there 3 times already, and it's incredible.  We had lunch at Beyond Bread then checked out Dragoon Brewing in the evening.  The whole day reminded that Tucson really is a cool city and that we're lucky to live here.  I feel if you find your niche (hiking, biking, yoga, lindy-hop ;) ), Tucson will treat you well.

After getting up early yesterday, we had a lazy Sunday morning:

Aeropress coffee 

Blue cornmeal pancakes (cream 2T butter, 2c cornmeal, 1t of salt.  Add 1c milk, some water and that's it!) (Todd dipped his in honey).

These will make you so full!

I'm taking Todd on a top-secret date this afternoon, so I'll be back later with a recap of that.  All I can say is that I hope Todd doesn't hate me after it!  

Something to Watch
Mike Birbiglia and Terry Gross Short Film (watch if you listen to NPR and didn't see the live show for the most recent This American Life)

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