Monday, May 28, 2012

Great Bodies are Made in the Kitchen

Some recent eats:

Breakfast = 2 eggs, 1 egg white, oregano, spinach, and fresh salsa
My surprise date for Todd was yesterday, and it turned out amazing!  A few weeks ago, I emailed Tia of Fit Pro, LLC, asking if she could make Todd and I sweat like crazy and feel like we want to die for an hour.  And she delivered.  

Todd has always said he's not the kind of person who enjoys working out, so I wasn't sure how he'd feel about our "date."  But Tia made it really fun with game-like challenges, and we learned ways to incorporate partnership into our workouts.  I couldn't believe it when Todd kept saying how much fun he had!  I guess he can like working out after all!

We also learned quite bit, especially: (1) the importance of warming up before our ZWOWs, (2) that it's OK to have a little bit of pain while working out, and  (3) that great bodies are made in the kitchen.  

Her tips have already made us think, like I'd like to try running again (something I never thought I could do after I broke my femur) since Todd and I can do it together and it gets us out of the gym.  And although Todd and I tend to think we eat healthy, thinking about it yesterday, we realized we could eat better. Although cheddar dill scones and chocolate chip cookies are treats, it definitely seems like treats like those have been appearing more regularly ;)

For dinner, we went to the new Sushi Garden on Broadway. Which was also a hit with the hubs. The interior design is a huge improvement from their old place, and the staff is super attentive!

Rainbow Roll

Todd and I are off to a coffee shop to work on our respective research papers for school!  Have a great memorial day!

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